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Spotify is the platform for streaming music that is currently attracting a lot of approval from the public who use it to listen to music online, but also offline. There are two versions available: one is free, but only allows you to listen to randomly played tracks called Spotify cracked.

The other one is a paid version with a monthly subscription of 9.90 € that allows you to listen to music offline and share your playlists, as well as not having advertisement interruptions as is the case with the free version.

On the contrary, if you want to use Spotify premium without paying the subscription the only solution you have is to download the Spotify upload available for any device reminding to choose the compatible version.

However, before I show you how to use this version, I need to point out that you can choose the free 30-day trial version. Cancellation of the service is free and can be done at any time.

In the meantime, how is it possible to get our cracked Spotify?  Continue reading to find out more.

Spotify: what is it really?

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First of all, do you really know what Spotify is? Surely you know that it is a digital music streaming service, but that is not all it is. Thanks to this platform you can also listen to podcasts and watch all the latest videos, as well as live performances by your favorite singers.

This should be enough to convince you that this is the service you are looking for, and you should also know that you can take advantage of the free version of Spotify or opt for the paid version.

Either way, you can choose everything you want to listen to, check out the recommendations section, find out what your friends are listening to and even create your own radio station.

All devices with an internet connection support this service, whether they are smartphones, tablets, PCs or even TVs, regardless of the operating system.

Free version VS Premium version

As we have already mentioned, Spotify offers its users two different versions: one completely free, the other paid. We have seen that in both cases many of the features are similar, so there are no real limitations except for a few specifics.

The main difference between the two versions is the absence of advertising banners in the paid version and the presence of them in the free version.

So, if you want to listen to your music without interruptions, all you must do is subscribe to the Premium version, which is free for the first month and costs € 9.90 from the second month onwards.

The premium version of Spotify also allows you to download your playlists and listen to them offline when you do not have an internet connection.

In both cases, it is not possible to burn music onto CDs as the platform is designed exclusively for streaming songs. I guess you are now wondering how to get Spotify Premium cracked. So, let us see it together.

Spotify cracked for Android

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Now that you know what Spotify is, let us address on the focus of this article. You should know that you can download cracked Spotify on any device. Let us start with how to do it with an Android mobile.

With an Android mobile device, you can use all the service’s premium features simply by installing the cracked APK version. How to do this? By following the procedure I will show you below.

The first step to get Spotify cracked on your Android device is to enable Unknown Sources, proceeding from Settings, click on Lock & Security or Developer Settings and then Unknown Sources.

If you have the official Spotify app installed on your device, uninstall it, then you can continue by downloading the APK file. In a few seconds, the download of your file will be complete, and you can open it. Sign in to your account or alternatively create an account and sign in.

PS  If you have previously downloaded a cracked Spotify Android version, you can uninstall it to get the new one. You will not lose any of your playlists and you can continue to listen to your favorite music.

Spotify cracked for iOS

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What if you have an iPhone or iPad instead?  Do not worry, there is a solution for you too. You can download Spotify iOS by following a procedure that is quite simple to follow.

To get Spotify cracked iPhone you will have to connect to TutuApp, a site that allows you to install an application that will turn your Spotify profile into a Premium one without having to pay for a monthly subscription. Simple to say, right?

Well actually it is almost as simple as getting Spotify cracked Android. You do not believe me because everything on an Apple device gets complicated? You will be surprised to find out that this time that is not the case at all.

Proceed as follows: Start Safari or the browser you have installed and use on your Apple device, then from the search bar proceed by typing TutuApp and then enter, in a few seconds you will get the exact result, click on it to access.

What is left to do? Click on the download button and then wait for the pop-up to appear and tap on Install. In a few seconds, the app will be on your iPhone or iPad home screen. The process of getting Spotify cracked iPhone is almost over.

Authorize the app. What does that mean? When you try to launch it, a message will pop up telling you that the app comes from an unauthorized in-house developer, so do this. Go to your device settings> General Settings> Device Management> BrightStar Technology> Authorise BrightStar Technology> Authorise.

Launch the TutuApp app again and then in the search bar type Spotify, click on download to get the app on your device. Now you can finally use Spotify cracked iOS, simple right?

Spotify cracked for PC

You should know that you can have your Spotify cracked even if you have a Windows 10 PC. Getting it is amazingly simple: you will have to take advantage of the possibilities offered by EZBlocker which can block all advertisements.

To take advantage of this possibility and get your Spotify cracked, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. First of all, you need to go to the EZBlocker download page and then click on Latest: Download vx.xx which you will find after the download section.

Save EXBlocker.exe on your PC and run it with administrator privileges. Right-click on it and choose Priority> Compatibility> Run this program as administrator and confirm everything.

Finally, start EZBlocker simply as you would any other PC app, i.e., double-click on it. A small window will open in which you must tick the options:

  • Block banner Ads: this is useful if you don’t want to see banner ads on Spotify anymore
  • Start EZBlocker on Login: to allow the software to start with Windows
  • Start Spotify with EZBlocker: so that the software starts up in conjunction with Spotify.

It is simple, isn’t it? The steps are many, but that is because it is not a program that you have to install, but an executable that when you don’t use it anymore, you can simply delete it by right-clicking on it and then tapping delete.

Spotify cracked for Mac

Earlier, I explained how you can get Spotify cracked on iPhone and this way you have understood that iOS systems also offer this possibility. So, you can also use the premium version of Spotify on a Mac. You will need to use the free Spotifree program, which can automatically disable Spotify ad banners.

To use it, you need to launch Safari and connect to the Spotifree download page, then download the program.

Offline music without a subscription

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If you do not have a Spotify subscription, you can still use the Spotify Downloader for free.

First of all, you have to download the .apk file, download and install it, then once you have downloaded it click on pre-install, then launch it and enter your username.

This will allow you to view all your saved playlists and then download and listen to them offline. All songs will be saved in the Music folder.

What does “cracking” mean?

As a final point, I think it is important to understand what it means to crack.

There are many programs that in their trial version have a protection system that ensures their operation for a certain period decided by the creator of the software. Once the trial period is over, the program will no longer work unless the user decides to purchase the software and thus activate all its functions.

But what are the types of software we are talking about? We have 3 types:

  • Shareware: the limitations only concern certain functions of the programme
  • Trial version: the functions of a program are all active, but have a limited duration of between 15 and 30 days
  • Demo version: an incomplete program that you cannot in any way crack.

The crack

But what does the term crack refer to? Key generators, serial generators, patches and finally interchange files.

The first two are files that recreate the serial numbers needed for the program. The first two are files that recreate the serial numbers needed for the program, while the patches are files to be inserted in the folder where the program is present and once installed make it registered. Finally, the exchange files are those that replace the .exe file of the program.

In a nutshell, when you crack a program, you are canceling the restrictions of software that would otherwise be protected by copyright. It is all about finding the weak point, the one in which you can insert yourself to use the software without having to buy it. All free of charge.

The procedures described above may seem complicated at times but, you will find that they are child’s play and only take a few clicks. For other tips for Spotify please visit our blog page.

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