How to disable Instagram: 4 safe methods

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If you want to take a break from social media, we will tell you how to disable Instagram. Above all, in this blog we will show you how to disable Instagram account and how to disable your Instagram.

Do you need a period of freedom from social media? Do you need to get away from your Instagram account? The reasons could be different: there could be someone annoying you on Instagram or

Sometimes Instagram can become too invasive for our life and habit. We will show you tricks, rules to know.

For whatever reason, we’re here to tell you how to temporarily disable your Instagram account. It is not easy to disconnect from the world of social media, but it is necessary to experience reality more intensely.

The steps are simple to follow but you need to practice them carefully so you don’t make any mistakes.

Let’s clarify two things:

  1. Learning to temporarily disable Instagram means temporarily “closing” your account.
  2. Deleting an account means closing Instagram permanently, saying goodbye to all your data, photos and all your memories in your archive.

So what do you think? Are you still convinced that you want to leave the most famous photo social network in the world? Are you ready to know how to disable Instagram?

How to disable Instagram: basic rules

If I want to understand how to disable Instagram account, how to disable Instagram account and how to disable your Instagram  the first thing to do is to open the application from a computer.

Click your profile picture in the top right and click Profile, then Edit Profile. Then scroll down and click on Temporarily Deactivate My Account at the bottom right. So Instagram asks you to “select an option” from the menu and then select “why are you disabling your account?” and re-enter your password.

The option to disable your account will only appear after selecting a reason from the menu and entering the password. At the end click on temporarily disable the account. You will need to be able to log into your account to temporarily disable.

If you don’t want to disable an Instagram account but want to change who can see it, you can set your posts as private or block people.

Before knowing how to temporarily disable the Instagram account, we recommend that you download a backup copy of your photos and videos: you can use the social network function that allows you to download your account data.

Through these tools, you can have the posts, videos and photos you took during the activation time of your Instagram account directly on your phone: it is a very useful function.

Also remember that to know how to temporarily disable an Instagram account, you can only use the computer. So you have learned the most important rules on how to disable Instagram.

How to disable Instagram: how to disable your Instagram from Facebook

If you want to learn how to disable your Instagram account from facebook we are here to help you, you can directly use the app of your smartphone.

Start by logging into your Instagram account, then tap on the little man icon located at the bottom right and press the button (≡) located at the top right. Next, select the settings from the menu and go to Accounts, then linked account and at least on Facebook.

In the screen that has opened, tap on the item disconnect account at the bottom and confirm your intentions by pressing on the wording. At the end tap “Yes, disconnect”, in the box that has opened.

By following these steps, you have learned how to temporarily disable an Instagram account linked to Facebook. A simple step that allows you to disconnect from the most popular photo app in the world.

If at this point you want to temporarily disable the facebook account as well, follow these steps. Open the Facebook app and click the arrow at the top right. Choose disable account, then click Continue to disable the account and follow the prompts to confirm.

When your account is disabled, no one else can see your profile. After this step, select your settings and privacy and settings. Click on Facebook information in the left column.

Click on deactivate and proceed you will be completely disconnected from the world of social media. Up to this point you have learned how to disable Instagram account connected to Facebook.

How to disable Instagram: how to disable your Instagram account from app

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To know the best way how to disable Instagram account it is important to know that you can only use the official Instagram site.

If you want to disable your Instagram account from your mobile, you can try this procedure. The first thing to do is:

  • connect to the official Instagram site using the browser you use to browse the Internet from your smartphone (e.g. Google Chrome).
  • after going to the edit your profile screen (from the name edit profile);
  • press Temporarily Deactivate My Account.

At this point, enter your account password and, finally, confirm your desire to disable it. Also in this case you will be asked the reason for the disabling of your account. Let’s clarify a step: deleting a social app from your mobile does not mean disabling your profile.

If you disable your account, you can reactivate it whenever you want. People can’t see your post or search for you. You will not be able to use your Instagram account to access products or your information or see the posts of others.

If you delete your account: You will not be able to regain access after deletion. Some information, such as your message history, is not stored in your account.

These steps can be more difficult than the ordinary ones, because we have to use the website and not the app. You are almost learning all about how to disable Instagram account.

How to disable Instagram:  without password

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Now we will teach you how to disable Instagram account without a password and email in a completely safe and fast way. Very often the password is registered: so you don’t have to enter it every time you log in. This could create problems for you in the future.

So after trying Stories, Filters, Posts, and Lives, Instagram could get boring. Or you may find it too overwhelming for your privacy. Let’s now see all the steps together to learn how to temporarily disable an Instagram account without a password.

  • You will need to recover the Instagram password with the email or SMS.
  • Click “Don’t remember login details”, then choose “with username and email” and choose the one you prefer.
  • If you have chosen email, you will receive instructions to reset your password.
  • If you prefer to receive a text message, you have to choose “SMS”. Enter the mobile number associated with the Instagram account and click on the arrow. After a few minutes an SMS will arrive on the mobile phone with all the useful information to complete the reset and create a new password.

If you still have problems logging in or the text message or email does not arrive you can always contact Instagram support. To know how to disable Instagram, it is important to know the Instagram Help Center. It is a function that allows us to solve problems or that we cannot overcome by following the normal rules.

How to disable Instagram: suspicious account

Up to this point, we’ve covered everything about how to disable your Instagram account. If you’ve made it this far, you’re sure to want to know everything about this topic.

At this point it is necessary to talk about the reports of a suspicious account that can lead to the removal of the same.

Instagram has very strict rules regarding the publication of photos and videos and the creation of profiles: the violation can lead to the closure of the profile.

The reasons for the report are very different but the most common obviously concerns the fact that a particular profile is posting photos that are not his or that he pretends to be someone else.

Some people open Instagram using names of famous people and with stolen photos around the web, pretending to be who they are not.

Other reasons for reporting a profile are related to spam or the posting of inappropriate material (dislike, nudity or pornography, violence or threats).

If you want to learn how to disable Instagram account, follow these steps.

At this point, tap on the 3 dots at the top right of the profile you want to report and tap on the report in the window that opens and follow the instructions.

How to temporarily disable Instagram: why do it?

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After learning how to disable Instagram, how to disable Instagram account, how to disable your Instagram we explain the main reasons that could lead us to do it or not. Here are some reasons to do it:

  • for reasons related to privacy on our life: if you do not want to expose yourself or fear being observed;
  • you think your choices are controlled by Instagram;
  • because you want to detox from social media.

Contrary to popular belief, the use of chat platforms can be indispensable today for various reasons, including professional ones and to increase the reputation and visibility of a brand.

  • if you own a business, social media are in fact of fundamental importance to safeguard your interests;
  • you can create a network of interesting contacts that reflect your passions or your hobby;
  • you can get in touch and see what your friends are doing even if they live far away:
  • follow the characters you like;
  • know near or far places that you did not know anything about before.

Like all social networks, Instagram also has positive and negative sides. Each user must use it with care and a sense of responsibility. After learning how to disable your Instagram account, you can decide what to do with security and freedom.

How to disable Instagram: how to decide

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Learning how to disable Instagram is important. Not everyone knows that using the app allows Instagram to easily track our preferences.

We take into consideration that each user performs about five actions on Instagram each month, which is a low estimate, which means that Instagram users produce at least 35 billion data every single month.

For this it could be quite invasive for your privacy or maybe you have noticed that in the last period you are becoming too social addicted and you are neglecting your friends, your family or your dog and you have decided to avoid giving up social relationships while alive.

People often don’t want their actions to be monitored. For this you might consider disabling your Instagram account permanently.

After backing up the photos to your account, you are ready to find out how to permanently delete your Instagram profile.

To do this, you must know that you absolutely cannot delete your Instagram account from the App, but the operation is only possible by accessing the Instagram website.

Log in to Instagram by typing in your account username and password. Instagram asks why you intend to unsubscribe from Instagram. What you need to do is select an option and re-type your account password in the field that appears at the bottom of the page. Finally click on permanently delete my account.

How to disable Instagram:  last tips

If you are still undecided about what to do after reading our guide, it is time for you to make a sensible decision about the decisions you will need to follow. It is certainly a difficult choice but you have to think about the best solution for your safety and your future life.

It is not easy to find yourself in this situation, but you can make the best decision by thinking quietly and sensibly. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do right away, the decision will surely come spontaneously and safely over time.

For other tips about Instagram please read blog section.

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